Knowledge is power is a popular saying but, knowledge quickly become a burden that turns you into a failure when you fail to utilise it. The world is full of knowledgeable people that have not yet figured out how to put their knowledge into its right use. This article is written to give you tips that will help you reap the fruit of your knowledge acquisition ventures.

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Remove shame and fear
Take action
Remember this golden of knowledge; there is someone out there actively looking for information on what you know. Do not deny them the opportunity of your knowledge and talents. The cementry is already heavily enriched with people’s ideas, knowledge and talent. Do not add to that stinking wealth of the cementry. The simple thing that you can do now so as not to add to that wealth is to take action and stop procrastinating.


Learning the principles of argument is a key personal development skill that all and sundry needs to learn in order to live a relatively enemy free life. We argue in order to learn new things that we have hitherto been ignorant of. We do not argue to show off our wealth of knowledge or to intimidate others, yet, this ugly situation is a common occurrence, even among elites. Smart people learn through argument while foolish people create loads of enemies while arguing. In this article are tip that will help you argue smartly and learn new stuff rather than create enemies.



Nothing hurts more than when people’s ego is being attacked. A friendly argument can easily turn soured as soon as a party feels insulted or abused. The initial resentment that is bred could go beyond the venue of argument. Enmity starts breeding from what started as friendly discussion. In all that you do, try as much as possible not to abuse or curse someone during an argument. I learnt this in a bitter way after a dear friend turned an enemy. I told him ‘he always argues nonsense’, this is bad, and I wished I can turn back the hands of time so I can select my words more carefully. I hope he reads this piece and realise how sorry and remorse I feel for being that abusive.


Another common mistake that a lot of people make during an informal debate is that they tend to be so
domineering. Not letting other people freely express their humble opinion can instantly create you enemies that you never wished to have. This is a temperamental issue that needs to be carefully managed so as not to live a life of loneliness and regrets. The issue of being too authoritative not only cause problem with your public life but also in your private life.


You will never gain anything from an argument if you be the only one that has all the say throughout the process. As obvious as this point might be, people still do it all the time without even realising they are doing it. One way of checking to know when you talk too much during a discussion is to casually scan the face(s) of the person/ people that are participating in the interaction. You should be able to read the frustration from their faces. Put yourself in your opponent’s position to see if you will be happy when a fellow converser does not allow you to be active in a forum.


Friendly argument should be more of brainstorming than fierce argument. The vital ingredient that should not be missing in any informal discussion is sense of humour. Someone once said, without humour life sucks; learn to be humorous Humour is a major factor that enhances motivation to do anything which includes interacting with people.


There is no price tag attached to winning any informal argument. Your aim is not to win or to make people buy into your ideas or philosophies but, to create a lively atmosphere for peace and love to reign. It is only in formal debates that the winner is entitled to one form of award or the other, yet, the use of abusive words have no place in official debates. Ask yourself; if abusive words and curses have no place in official debate that has some form of motivation, what business does it then have in casual talks that has no form of reward or incentive?


It is hard for people not to believe what you say when they are presented with facts and figure. Do not bother dragging your point further when you are a position where your opponent fails to agree with you and you have no statistical facts to back it up.


You will save yourself much energy that can be put to productive use when you know when to back out of an argument. The right time to surrender is that point in time when the heat starts to build. What I always do is to pretend as if I remembered an important appointment I had already committed myself to. This tactics has saved me many headache and creation of unwanted enemies. Experts call this approach ‘systematic debate surrender’. Use this same technique to avoid these avoidable troubles.

Lest I forget, argument in this contest is not the malicious or grievous exchange of words that ensued due to misunderstanding or misconceptions. It is the intellectual analysis and evaluation of situations aimed at convincing somebody or people with different opinion- call it a debate if you like.

A lot of people have resorted to avoid any form of argument all in the name of not creating unwanted enemies but, that is not the way out. You will greatly miss out of the enormous potential to learn in the process of exchanging ideas if you fail to engage in the mental exercise. All you have to do is to commit these argument tips to memory and you will be better off.

The good news about principle of argument is that it is learnable just like the principle of motivation. All you need to do is take that vital action! Remember that only you can do it for yourself.


‘Storm or no storm’ was exactly what a 10 year old boy told his mother yesterday. The mother had wanted to forfeit going further for their shopping. You will agree with that storms has in the past costed thousand of people great opportunity that would have eradicated poverty and its ugly consequences from many families.
The life that we all live is full of storms in the form of obstacles waiting to deprive us of the good tidings coming our way. One characteristics of storm that is shared with difficulty is that they both have a very short life span. Difficult moment comes and goes just like the storm, leaving memories that are more often time bitter.


Motivation, what motivates people and the motive behind motivating others can be anything to many. What kick starts the overwhelming power of accomplishment in one person might just produce the opposite result in the other person. However, there are basic facts about motivation that seem to command universal acceptance by most motivation theorists and researchers.

The aim of this article is to look at what motivation are, factors and circumstances that motivates people, and finally exploring the motives behind peoples actions intended to motivate others.


When you wake in the morning, you almost feel like lying back in bed and never getting out of bed. But, some sort of invisible hands somehow manages to push you out of bed. That force that: make you get up from bed against all odds, make you go to work, make you take action(s), etc is what is known as motivation. Simply put, motivation is a positive state of mind that does not allow us to quit when the going become tough. We endure pressures, pains and stress in almost all that we do with the hope of getting rewarded one way or the other.


The principle of cause-effect relationship is most pronounced in the area of understanding what motivates people. People don’t just spur into action. A variable must be responsible for people’s action- positive or negative. Our expectation is the ultimate factor that influences our actions and inactions. The process of holding on when we ought to have naturally given up is what a scholar in the field of motivation theory described as expectancy theory. The rewards/expectations can be classified thus:


Research has shown that over 98% of the things that we do are based on impressing ourselves or others. Young people do all sorts of things to impress those that they are attracted to. Most inventions that we all enjoy today were made in a bid to break an obstacle hindering free communications and associations. At work place or even in classrooms, people put in their best just to be noticed by the person they admire. Based on the above few analogies, it will not be out of context to conclude that love is the foundation of motivation as all that we do are aimed at loving others or to be loved by others. I remember my high school days and how I was motivated to learn just to show off my wealth of knowledge in the class with the hope of being admired by this girl that I always dream about. This may sound funny but it is nothing but the truth. It is natural for living things to put in their best just to impress people around.


Another broad reason for us to find motivation is the need to defend what we so much cherish. A dying mother for instance who is on a sick bed will use all her power to defend her children in time of danger. I recently saw a clip of a Chinese woman that was buried under a collapsed building just to save her two weeks old baby- she actually did save the boys life.

The desire to defend our work also acts as a motivating factor that forces us to act against our most often week and reluctant spirit. To be honest with you, if I am sure that my job or business will not be taken by others, I will readily go back to bed each day that I wake up and feel like not going to work.


To a great extent, factors that motivate people into becoming extraordinary explain the real motive behind motivation. In as much as it is hard to explain

From the above discussions, it is clear that the principles of motivation still remain and cannot be broken. If you play by the rules of the game, you will have no choice but to be motivated beyond your imagination.


Motivation is the key strategic tool that stimulates learning and also helps us in passing tough professional exams. Peoples mind always wander around while in the class or in learning environment. This inherent learning weakness that all human beings have can only be overcome when the right motivational strategy to stimulate learning is developed and put in place.

People cannot effectively learn if they are not motivated to learn. Motivation to learn is the right of everyone that has been handed over to us by nature. The only thing that makes the difference is that while some people take advantage of this right to the fullest, others did not. If you are amongst those that have not taken advantage of this gift of nature called motivation to do all things, this article is specifically written for you. And if you have already been benefiting from the un-imaginable power of motivation, I still encourage you to read further as you will definitely gain something new, inspiring and refreshing.

In this article are tips that you can leverage on and get the right kind of motivation that will be sufficient to help you overcome the absent mindedness that is the main cause of demotivation and lack of willingness to learn.


Recognise what interest you:

In as much as one can learn virtually anything, the speed and motivation at which we learn those things differs. Recognising those disciplines that tickle your fancy and pursuing a career in those fields in the first best step anybody can take as far stimulating your learning acumen is concerned. Learning what you have interest in will be so natural that you will not be adversely affected by any form of obstacle that might come your way. Ask yourself a probing question that can reveal what it is that you like most. It could be your hobby of anything that you spend most of your time doing and learning how to do.

Work backwards:

Yes, work backwards. This is a situation whereby you picture what you will become if you succeed in learning what you are about to learn and then visualise the obstacles that might be on your way while trying to achieve your target. The benefit of doing this is that you will be motivated by the benefits you will get from attaining that position you aspire. It also helps you to make up your mind on the challenges of becoming what you want to become in life.

Pay attention:

You cannot be motivated to learn if you do not pay attention. This is common when you do not like the teacher or the learning material that is provided. Paying attention will give you the right kind of receptive mind which in turn will send a salient message to other organs in your body (especially the brain) telling them that you can actually do it.

Be curious and eager to learn:

Curiosity makes you want to discover something new. It is curiosity and necessity that ignites the passion of most inventors and researchers. You too can tap into the infinite power of curiosity to become the active learner that you have always dreamed of. Care needs to be taken here so that we don’t land ourselves into trouble. Learning should not have the potential of harming us or the people around us.

Set target for yourself:

Setting a realistic target is one way of ensuring that the initial enthusiasm that we all get at the beginning a process is not thwarted. Targets makes you focus but when set to be unreasonably high becomes a demotivating factor.

Be confident:

Confidence in oneself is a major ingredient needed for stimulating your learning spirit. One good thing about confidence is that it can be built overtime starting with smaller tasks. You can start by learning something relatively simple and then leverage on the acquired confidence to learn the harder ones.

Reward yourself:

Rewards are super motivating factor that has the capability of working wonders for us if rightly used. The memories of treating yourself good after every successful session of learning something worthwhile is enough to keep you going when the odds are against you. In as much as reward systems can be abused in managerial accounting and performance measurement, the chances of it being abused as a motivating tool in this case is minimal. This is because both the rewards and gains are both coming from you.


This article will not be complete if tested study tips are not discussed. Below are study tips that I have successfully put to use in the past to achieve outstanding success.

Find the motivation:

This aspect is about all that you have in this article thus far. There is no way you can embark on any meaning study session if you are not in the right mood. Designing and adapting good learning strategy backed with motivation is the solid foundation upon which every other learning and study tips can be built upon.

Use the right materials:

One thing is to study and another thing is to study the relevant material. A lot of students have made it a habit to borrow study materials from past students. There is nothing wrong with you borrowing books and other study materials from people that have passed the exams you are preparing for but, care needs to be taken to ensure that the materials are still relevant to the syllabus.

Practice past questions:

In fact, this is the most important aspect of your study. It is almost impossible for you to be fully prepared for an examination if you did not practice with past question. To stress the importance of attempting past questions under exam condition, professional bodies and universities give out pilot questions to students whenever there is a change in scheme of study and syllabi. Do not make the mistake of simply auditing suggested answers to past questions. This is a bad approach that deceives people into believing they understand what a question requires of them. Try solving the question under exam condition and later compare your answer with the solution provided. This will put you in a better position of not making similar mistakes in the examination hall when you come across similar question or questions that require same pattern of thinking.

Manage you time in the examination hall:

Your chances of passing an exam will be reduced by the amount of questions you left un-attempted. No mark will be awarded you if you did not provide any form of answer. Your best bet is to weight the allocated time against the marks provided for each question. For example, if you are asked to answer three questions within two hours with the following marks; 50, 30 and 20 respectively, it will be safe for you to allocate 60 minutes to question 1 (50/100 X 120mins), 36mins to the second and 24mins to the last and stick to this allocation.

The principles of motivation as it relate to learning is not what can be discussed in an article of this length. So, I therefore urge you to read other materials you find in this site as they will help you build the right kind of strategy needed to stimulate your learning motivation. It is normal for us to sometimes feel inadequate or weak and decide to give up in our quest. All that you have read in this comprehensive write up will become handy when this feeling come knocking.

To your new found strength to learn!!


Principles of motivation are the rule that all motivated and happy people abide by in this struggle of life. Motivation is that will power to continue in a quest when all seems to be lost. It is that real self that manifests when our fake self desserts us.

This world would be a better place if we all understand the principles of motivation and walk under the control of who we really are rather than what we think we are. In this article are 10 time tested principles that everyone can apply as a golden rule of motivation needed to release our often imprisoned giant.


1.      MOTIVATION IS NOT A PLACE THAT CAN BE PERPETUALLY OWNED WITHOUT PERSONAL EFFORT: A lot of people have in the past made the mistake of believing that motivation is a destination that one can get to and remain there once and forever. This is a wrong orientation that has made much potential that would have been groomed into its fullest form hit the iceberg. You don’t stop doing things that gets you motivated just because you just got inspired to do a positive thing once. The sooner you realise that motivation is not what you can own or posses for life if you do not keep doing those right things that makes one motivated and sustained, the better chance you have to create an enabling environment that will help you survive in all that you do.

2.      MOTIVATION IS AN INDIVIDUAL RACE: Just as it is a fact that we all have our own lives to live, the race towards doing those amazing things to get us motivated and remains motivated is an individual race. Nobody can die so that another person will live forever. If there is anyone to motivate you into action, it got to be you alone. You must seek and find those things that take up your energy level.

3.      YOU CAN EITHER BE MOTIVATED OR DEPRESSED: One thing I like about the state of being motivated is that no one can choose to be on the fence. You either choose to motivated and remain happy or choose not to be motivated and remain depressed for life. The choice is always yours to make. The only problem however is that people always make the wrong choice thinking it is the right thing they are doing. The main reason behind this ugly fact is that a lot of forces have made the road to a happy and fulfilled life seem rough and narrow. Well, if you have been under the illusion that it takes much stress to do good than it takes to involve in unproductive and de-motivating stuff, my candid advice for you now is to have a rethink.

4.      MOTIVATION IS FOUND WITHIN:  Like I said before, it is only you that have access to the source code of your happiness and motivation. It is something that you cannot get from the without. It has to come from the within so as to manifest in the outside. Will power to initiate motivating power is a free gift of nature that we all have. I encourage you to make use of it at all time.

5.      PLAY THE ROLE OF A HELPER: Constantly acting as a helper have a way of releasing the sleeping giant in us. This is closely linked to the expectancy theory. In its simplest form, expectancy theory states that people get motivated as a result of what they expect to be the outcome of what they do. We all naturally have the tendency of expecting people to acknowledge our good deed and subsequently show appreciation. This appreciation could be as simple as word of mouth, it does not matter. What matters is that people get motivated to do more for any community they find themselves just to be rewarded. This habit quickly becomes part of you when you act it for a long time.

6.      MAKE YOUR GOAL YOUR FOCAL POINT AT ALL TIME: You will quickly lose it all as soon as you get distracted. For you to get motivated and remain that way, you need to learn to pay attention to one thing at a time. This does not mean you cannot multitask your brain. But things that you multitask your brain about must be related. There must be some sort of correlation in things for you to effectively multi task and get result.

7.      KEEP RECORDS: Record keeping makes it possible for us to reference an event. The chances of us losing motivation are slim when we put our cause into writing. We get reminded of our commitment to an important decision each time we review our record. Show me a happy and successful man and I will show you a good record keeper. Learn to keep record today and you will be happy that you did.

8.      MOTIVATION ONLY COMES WHEN AN INDIVIDUAL HAS A RECEPTIVE MIND: A closed mind cannot be motivated. This is due to the fact that we human beings as systems live in systems. People who find it difficult to accept corrections when they are wrong usually get depressed all the time. Your ability to accept the fact that you were wrong and work hard to make amend works on the source of your energy that will in turn spur you into action. Cultivate the habit of accepting things objectively and you discover that your will-power will always be at alert.

9.      LEARN FROM YOUR PAST AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU: History is made so that human race will be bettered. Our ability to learn from things that have happened to us and people that have lived is ‘key’ to leading a sparkling life.

10.  MOTIVATION IS CONTAGIOUS: Motivation is just like any other way of life that can easily be transferred to people around you. This makes it possible for one to be motivated beyond his or her imagination simply by mixing and mingling with enthusiastic people. If you notice that you are beginning to lose focus, think up of a friend who always radiate with motivation so as to get infected. These people are everywhere and ready to help. One of your best bet is the counsellors. Counsellors might not be the happiest and most motivated people per se, but they act it most of the time as they know the implication of them acting depressed.  If you understand the above discussed facts about principles of motivation and always have them at the back of your mind, you will be amazed at the amount of energy, inner peace and motivation that will be released from sources you never knew existed. You have got all that is needed to follow the simple principles of motivation stated and discussed in this article. All that is required of you now is to take action in order to actualise those dreams of yours.