Principles of motivation are the rule that all motivated and happy people abide by in this struggle of life. Motivation is that will power to continue in a quest when all seems to be lost. It is that real self that manifests when our fake self desserts us.

This world would be a better place if we all understand the principles of motivation and walk under the control of who we really are rather than what we think we are. In this article are 10 time tested principles that everyone can apply as a golden rule of motivation needed to release our often imprisoned giant.


1.      MOTIVATION IS NOT A PLACE THAT CAN BE PERPETUALLY OWNED WITHOUT PERSONAL EFFORT: A lot of people have in the past made the mistake of believing that motivation is a destination that one can get to and remain there once and forever. This is a wrong orientation that has made much potential that would have been groomed into its fullest form hit the iceberg. You don’t stop doing things that gets you motivated just because you just got inspired to do a positive thing once. The sooner you realise that motivation is not what you can own or posses for life if you do not keep doing those right things that makes one motivated and sustained, the better chance you have to create an enabling environment that will help you survive in all that you do.

2.      MOTIVATION IS AN INDIVIDUAL RACE: Just as it is a fact that we all have our own lives to live, the race towards doing those amazing things to get us motivated and remains motivated is an individual race. Nobody can die so that another person will live forever. If there is anyone to motivate you into action, it got to be you alone. You must seek and find those things that take up your energy level.

3.      YOU CAN EITHER BE MOTIVATED OR DEPRESSED: One thing I like about the state of being motivated is that no one can choose to be on the fence. You either choose to motivated and remain happy or choose not to be motivated and remain depressed for life. The choice is always yours to make. The only problem however is that people always make the wrong choice thinking it is the right thing they are doing. The main reason behind this ugly fact is that a lot of forces have made the road to a happy and fulfilled life seem rough and narrow. Well, if you have been under the illusion that it takes much stress to do good than it takes to involve in unproductive and de-motivating stuff, my candid advice for you now is to have a rethink.

4.      MOTIVATION IS FOUND WITHIN:  Like I said before, it is only you that have access to the source code of your happiness and motivation. It is something that you cannot get from the without. It has to come from the within so as to manifest in the outside. Will power to initiate motivating power is a free gift of nature that we all have. I encourage you to make use of it at all time.

5.      PLAY THE ROLE OF A HELPER: Constantly acting as a helper have a way of releasing the sleeping giant in us. This is closely linked to the expectancy theory. In its simplest form, expectancy theory states that people get motivated as a result of what they expect to be the outcome of what they do. We all naturally have the tendency of expecting people to acknowledge our good deed and subsequently show appreciation. This appreciation could be as simple as word of mouth, it does not matter. What matters is that people get motivated to do more for any community they find themselves just to be rewarded. This habit quickly becomes part of you when you act it for a long time.

6.      MAKE YOUR GOAL YOUR FOCAL POINT AT ALL TIME: You will quickly lose it all as soon as you get distracted. For you to get motivated and remain that way, you need to learn to pay attention to one thing at a time. This does not mean you cannot multitask your brain. But things that you multitask your brain about must be related. There must be some sort of correlation in things for you to effectively multi task and get result.

7.      KEEP RECORDS: Record keeping makes it possible for us to reference an event. The chances of us losing motivation are slim when we put our cause into writing. We get reminded of our commitment to an important decision each time we review our record. Show me a happy and successful man and I will show you a good record keeper. Learn to keep record today and you will be happy that you did.

8.      MOTIVATION ONLY COMES WHEN AN INDIVIDUAL HAS A RECEPTIVE MIND: A closed mind cannot be motivated. This is due to the fact that we human beings as systems live in systems. People who find it difficult to accept corrections when they are wrong usually get depressed all the time. Your ability to accept the fact that you were wrong and work hard to make amend works on the source of your energy that will in turn spur you into action. Cultivate the habit of accepting things objectively and you discover that your will-power will always be at alert.

9.      LEARN FROM YOUR PAST AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU: History is made so that human race will be bettered. Our ability to learn from things that have happened to us and people that have lived is ‘key’ to leading a sparkling life.

10.  MOTIVATION IS CONTAGIOUS: Motivation is just like any other way of life that can easily be transferred to people around you. This makes it possible for one to be motivated beyond his or her imagination simply by mixing and mingling with enthusiastic people. If you notice that you are beginning to lose focus, think up of a friend who always radiate with motivation so as to get infected. These people are everywhere and ready to help. One of your best bet is the counsellors. Counsellors might not be the happiest and most motivated people per se, but they act it most of the time as they know the implication of them acting depressed.  If you understand the above discussed facts about principles of motivation and always have them at the back of your mind, you will be amazed at the amount of energy, inner peace and motivation that will be released from sources you never knew existed. You have got all that is needed to follow the simple principles of motivation stated and discussed in this article. All that is required of you now is to take action in order to actualise those dreams of yours.